About Us

Hey There!

My name is Katie and my doggo assistant is Ruby the Border Collie (pictured below). 

I started Pup and People while I was completing a Bachelor in Marketing at University. I figured, why am I here learning about business when I can just make my own? That, combined with my inability to find a fun dog lover related gift for my sister online, lead to the birth of Pup and People!

I hand make all of my bandana's right here in country Victoria and I walk down to the post office with Ruby to deliver all of your goodies!

My logo was originally a tattoo design, which I have on my ankle! and I made it a bit more logo-looking with the square and there she is! 

I am very conscious of my environmental footprint and try to reflect that in my business. Where possible I use recyclable and minimal packaging. 


If you have any questions about me, my dog or my business than hit me up on Facebook, Instagram or via email : contact@pupandpeople.com.au


Now, time to enjoy cute pictures of my dog...

Pup and People Owners Ruby and KatieRuby Pup and People Ruby Pup and People Dog Bandana